ASX Announcement

September30,2016 Appendix 4G
September30,2016Annual Report
August31, 2016Appendix 4E
July04,2016China Dairy Corporation - Independent Director Resignation
July04,2016Appendix 3Z - John James Fick
July04,2016Appendix 3Y - John James Fick
June30,2016Appointment of Independent Director - The Hon. Andrew Stoner
June30,2016Appendix 3X - Andrew John Stoner
May31,2016Update - Dividend_Distribution - CDC
May24,2016Financial Update and Interim Dividend
May24,2016DividendDistribution - CDC
May24,2016Details of Company Address
April08,2016Appendix 3X - Youliang Wang
April08,2016Appendix 3X - Lidong Jiang
April08,2016Appendix 3X - John James Fick
April08,2016Appendix 3X - Enjia Liu
April08,2016Appendix 3X - David Paul Batten
April05,2016ASX Notice - Commencement of Official Quotation
April04,2016Voluntary Escrow Schedule
April04,2016Top 20 holders
April04,2016Statement re ASX BookBuild
April04,2016Statement in accordance with listing rule 1.2.5A
April04,2016Share trading Policy
April04,2016Information Form and Checklist
April04,2016Information Form and Checklist - Annexure II
April04,2016Distribution Schedule
April04,2016Corporate Governance Statement
April04,2016CMAI Quarterly Report for period ended 31 December 2015
April04,2016 CMAICMAI Annual Report for period ended 30 June 2015
April04,2016 CMAICMAI Annual Report for period ended 30 June 2014
April04,2016CMAI Annual Report for period ended 30 June 2013 CMAI
April04,2016Close of ASX BookBuild
April04,2016Appendix 1A - ASX Listing Application and Agreemen
April04,2016Admission to Official List
March18,2016ASX BookBuild Change in Public Parameters
March14,2016Third Supplementary Prospectus
January05, 2016Supplementary Prospectus
November20,2015Supplementary Prospectus
November20,2015ASX BookBuild Initial Public Parameters
November20,2015ASX BookBuild details BookBuild