Board of Directors

(1) Mr Enjia Liu (Chairman of the Board)
Mr Enjia Liu is the executive chairman of the company and China Modern Agricultural Information, Inc.. He has rich knowledge and experience in the agricultural imndustry.
In 1985 Mr Enjia Liu set up Hong Kong Value Development (Heilongjiang) Co., Ltd and served as the chairman;
In 1991 Mr Enjia Liu set up Hong Kong Value Development Group and served as the chairman and CEO;
In 1994, Mr. Enjia Liu was appointed as a special researcher, guest professor of Peking University Social Development Institute and guest professor of Shenzhen University. Since 1994, Mr. Enjia Liu has been elected continuously as a member of the Political Consultative Committee Member in Heilongjiang Province;
Since 1995, Mr Enjia Liu was appointed as a special researcher by the State Economic Restructuring Commission of the People's Republic of China(National Development and Reform Commission), adviser to the system reform of the government and Honorary President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Heilongjiang Province;
In 1996, at the National Agricultural Conference, Mr. Enjia Liu came up with the business model of agricultural enterprises, and he published it in the People's Forum. Mr. Enjia Liu also set up the theory of “zhongxian Agriculture” and the practice model of harmoniously ecological agriculture in Heilongjiang Province, which have been highly praised by the national leadership and the State Council. And he is promoting the “zhongxian Agriculture” model and the theory of commercialization.
In 1997, Mr Enjia Liu was listed into the World Celebrities.
Mr Enjia Liu is a researcher in economic behavior and of reform experts, and he has served as director of the China Center for economic behavior since 2007. Mr Enjia Liu holds a doctor's degree in sociology from Peking University and a master's degree in economics from Heilongjiang Business School.

(2)Mr. Youliang Wang (CEO)
Mr. Youliang Wang is CEO of the Company and China Modern Agricultural Information, Inc., and is Executive Director of China Modern Agricultural Information, Inc.
Graduated from Jilin University with a bachelor degree in finance.
From 1991 to 1997, he served in Jilin Province Tonghua branch of China Construction Bank.
From 1997 to 2006, he established Tonghua Hongyuan Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd, and served as General Manager;
From 2006 to 2008, he served as Marketing Director of Yunnan Nanyao Jiaoxiong Pharmacy Co., Inc.
From 2008 to 2010, he served as Vice-president of Jiangsu Guofa Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd.

(3)Andrew Stoner (Vice-Chairman and Independent Non-executive Director)
Andrew John Stoner acts as Vice-Chairman and Independent Non-executive Director.
The Hon. Andrew John Stoner was a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, representing the electorate of Oxley from 1999 to 2015. He has also performed in the role as the Leader of the Nationals NSW (2003 - 2014) and Deputy Premier of NSW and Minister for Trade & Investment, Tourism & Major Events, Small Business, Regional Infrastructure & Services (2011 - 2014). Mr Stoner currently holds several directorships including Director & CEO, Andrew Stoner & Associates Pty Ltd; Director, Sports Aviation Flight School Australia Ltd; Director, Slasherteck Pty Ltd; Director, Aquaculture Industries Australia Ltd; Director, Future Asset Management International Ltd; Director, Drone Innovation Ltd; and Director, Accessible Publishing Systems Pty Ltd; In addition, Mr Stoner is a Senior Adviser, Moelis & Company Pty Ltd; Senior Adviser, Yuhu Group (Australia) Ltd; Senior Honorary Adviser, Australia China Investment Group; Patron, Australia China Enterprise Trade and Cultural Association; Senior Adviser, Australia China Entrepreneurs Club; and Advisory Board Member, NSW Leaders.

(4)Dr Caroline Hong (BDS (Uni Adel). GDHA (Uni SA). MHA (Uni NSW). FSAE. FADI. AFCHSM. FAICD )
Dr Caroline Hong is a Chinese Australian with a unique and diverse background over 30 years in Business, Healthcare, Government & Associations. She has served in numerous leadership roles in Australian communities and businesses, adding cultural, professional, gender & ethnic diversity to Australian boardrooms.
Dr Hong holds a Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Adelaide, Graduate Diploma in Health Administration (Business) from the University of South Australia, Master in Health Administration from the University of NSW and the Diploma of Company Directors from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She was the first Asian woman to be awarded the Fellow status of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Dr Hong was the CEO of the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Association of Australia from 2011 to 2013, CEO of the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (Australia & New Zealand) from 2001 to 2011, CEO of the Australian Dental Association (NSW Branch) 1997 to 2001. Prior to that, she also worked for 15 years in diverse government and private healthcare sectors in South Australia and NSW.
Dr Hong currently runs her own consulting Australia –Asia business and holds several directorships, including, CH Asia Australia Pty Ltd, China Hr Pty Ltd, Sports Aviation Flight College Ltd, Slasherteck Ltd, Drone Innovation Ltd, Aquaculture Industries Australia Ltd, Food Recycle Ltd, Australian Bridge Solutions Ltd.
In addition, Dr Hong holds several appointments in the community as the NSW Ambassador for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout charity event for homeless services, Board Trustee of the St Vincent Clinic Foundation for medical research, Honorary Adviser to the Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association, Honorary Adviser to the Australian Economics, Trade and Cultural Association, Honorary Adviser to the Ethnic Business Awards and Senior Adviser to the Australia China Entrepreneurs Club.
She is a professional speaker and has spoken widely on diverse healthcare, leadership, business, women and diversity topics throughout her career in dentistry, healthcare, associations and business. She has a strong interest in Australia-China and Australia-Asia business, trade, investment and culture.